Since 1977, we have been selecting and importing the best green coffee varieties
from around the world.

We ensure the traceability of our coffees through a close collaboration with
growers in the countries of origin by carrying out numerous quality checks from
the early stages of production. We only offer our customers the best coffees
which we select through the highest standards of quality.


Colombia Sundried Excelso EP 10% Estate Coffee La Guamera

Since more than 25 years, the tenacity of a family group in the middle of the eje cafetero created a stunning farm whose coffee has all the richest flavors and aromas that Colombian mountains have to offer.
Finca La Meseta-Guamera is adjacent to a village and involves the local community in the production process, from seedlings to manual sorting of ripe fruits: their hard and enthusiastic work guarantees the physical and sensory quality of the extraordinary coffees from this estate.
Due to its location in the mountains, Finca La Meseta-Guamera is classified as a “finca de altura”, an attribute you can feel in the excellent quality and cup profile of its coffees.
Finca La Meseta-Guamera emphasize the preservation of natural resources, the sustainability of its production process, the social responsibility for all the people involved in the production, and the traceability of its products.
The focus of the Finca La Meseta-Guamera is to offer a true genuine sustainable coffee, resulting in the continuous training of the local community with an interdisciplinary group as well as with local and national authorities in the application of the Buenas Prácticas Agrícolas.