In compliance with the applicable Whistleblowing legislation (Law N. 179, of 30 November 2017), which requires companies in the private sector to set up a dedicated channel to manage reports regarding crimes or violations of the Organization, Management, and Control Model, as per Legislative Decree 231/01, Interkom S.p.A. has developed a procedure that guarantees maximum confidentiality with regard to the identity of the whistleblower and any other individual involved, as well as to the content of the report.

This system allows Interkom S.p.A. employees, collaborators, consultants, and suppliers to report behaviors or situations that may constitute violations of the law, the Code of Ethics, and/or the Organization, Management, and Control Model adopted in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01 (for further information about the OMCM, click here .

The body appointed to receive and assess whistleblowing reports is the Supervisory Body.

To send a report:

  • visit our whistleblowing channel here.


  • download here  the Reporting Form, fill it by following the instructions therein, and send it to the Supervisory Body in a registered letter at the following address: Studio Legale Avv. Vincenzo Adinolfi – Via Roma, Parco Europa n.11 – 81100 Caserta.

Further information on how to send a report may be found in the company’s Whistleblowing General Procedure, which we recommend reading, accessible by clicking here .

To find out the purposes and methods used to process your personal data, please read the policy drawn in compliance with article 13 of Regulation EU 2016/69, by clicking here .