Guatemala Washed SHB EP Special Praparation Finca Peña Blanca

Coffee production started to grow in Guatemala since the 1860s on the back of a declining indigo trade, previously the main export from the country, and continued steadily, leading the country to the top-5 rank of the main coffee-producing countries in the world.
Although Guatemala is well-known worldwide for the finest and distinctive coffees from its various regional specifications, the market’s main attention has been historically focused on the coffee produced in Los Altos, the highlands between the Sierra Madre de Chiapas and the Petén lowlands where coffee cultivation is particularly ideal thanks to high altitudes, rich volcanic soils and a climate that allows a slow maturation to the beans.
Laying in the middle of this area, Finca Peña Blanca (Spanish: white rock) embraces the Laguna de Ayarza. The finca is owned by don Pablo Chuy, fourth-generation descendant of a family of coffee producers.
The long-tradition and experience of don Pablo allowed him to preserve the Bourbon and Typica varieties into his estate, by approaching the production process with an integrated farm management system aiming to preserve the local eco-system, the biodiversity and water river protection. The Bourbon is a natural mutation of the Typica, one of the earliest and most important coffee varieties.
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Any pressure-based method (i.e. espresso machine, moka pot, aeropress, siphon), as a single-origin or in blends. Medium roast suggested.
Any dripping-based method (i.e. Kemex, Kone, V60, Kyoto-Style Slow Drip, Neapolitan Flip), preferably as a single-origin. Light roast suggested.

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Finca Peña Blanca







Southern Guatemala, departamento de Santa Rosa, Laguna de Ayarza area


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