Only the best coffee beans are used at Interkom. Click on the various origins and
discover our certifications.

Homeland of Arabica coffee and home of Robusta with character

Long coffee tradition with fine Arabica and elegant Robusta coffees

Producer of washed Arabica coffee with fruity and floral hints

Great Arabica qualities of body and structure

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world. We have selected the most valuable lots from the Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná areas, creating two unique blends, ready to be toasted. The green beans are already mixed together ready to develop body, balance and a unique aroma.



Utz certification ensures that the certified coffee is sustainable in relations with
the producer so that we can meet their aspirations and help to safeguard the
environmental resources of their country.

Rainforest Alliance is a certification aimed at safeguarding biodiversity in the
area of cultivation and complying with certain social criteria applied within the
local communities which produce the coffee.

Fairtrade is an international organisation that certifies batches of coffee in
order to improve the conditions of producers in developing countries through
precise standards that ensure they receive a stable income and better
economic conditions.

Organic agriculture consists of a production system which respects as much as
possible the natural life cycles of coffee plants. This means that the chemical
impact of fertilisation and checking for plant diseases is kept to a minimum and
the use of ecological products is encouraged in order to preserve the
environment and biodiversity as much as possible.