In order to obtain a premium product you need to look for the best green beans.
In order to obtain a quality drink, the coffee plantation itself is key.

Who we are

Since 1977, we have been importing the best varieties of green coffee, from
individual bags to full containers.
Thanks to our experience and our contacts with the producers, we are a point of
reference for the sector in Europe and around the world.
Our Naples office is the heart of our company where we carry out trading and
logistics activities, and perform quality checks on each of the batches we
Our representative office in Vietnam allows us to trade directly from the Far
East, keeping a special relationship with the local coffee producers.


We share our passion and experience to provide coffee roasters with the best
varieties of coffee, offering a service which we adapt to suit all requirements.
We want to help our customers in choosing the most suitable beans for their
needs, supporting them in creating personalised blends.

Value added

–  We offer coffees from every countries
around the world thanks to a network of producers we have been working
with for many years. This guarantees both full traceability and a
consistent cup of coffee over the long term.
– We are trading professionals: we know the market, its equilibriums and its
variations and we support our customers in strategic decisions for their
– Thanks to our strategic position and over 15,000 sqm of indoor warehouse
facilities we can keep storage costs to a minimum and provide the
volumes our customers need quickly, from full containers to individual
customer-delivered bags.
We are present at our offices in Gianturco, Bologna Interporto, Trieste,
Venice, Genoa, Gioia Tauro, Salerno and Civitavecchia.
– We routinely visit our producers, always on the lookout for new botanical
varieties of coffee, we support sustainable production projects and
always seek superior quality. We routinely organise trips to the
plantations to find out about the coffee production chain in order to
convey the emotions of the first steps along the chain to the coffee
roaster. With the collaboration of Umami Area our trips to the plantations
also become opportunities for professional training. Participants are able
to experience at first hand the stages of picking and processing the
coffee together with Coffee Skills Program classes from the Specialty
Coffee Association centred on green coffee, sensory skills and coffee
roasting. After the training campus experience, roasters can take home a
full overview of the production process so that they can share it with their

Our team

We are a team of enthusiasts and experts involved in the entire green coffee
process: research, production, training, quality analysis, logistics in relation to
importing and to the roasters.
We are based in Naples and in our branch in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.
Get in contact with our team.

Naples office

Massimiliano de Costanzo

Accounting department

Giovanni Iodice

Accounting department

Alessandro Gais

Administrative department

Martina Acone

Commercial department

Ilaria Calvano

Commercial department

Mario Bruscino

Commercial department
Chief Commercial Officer
& CEO of Vietnam rep. office

Eduardo Lusignano

Commercial department
Sales Manager

Matilde Biancardi

Financial department

Vincenzo Santoriello

Financial department
Chief Financial Officer

Giuseppe Ricci

Logistics department

Tiziana Rispoli

R&D - Specialty coffee division

Ho Chi Minh office in Vietnam

Hung Le Trung

Vietnam Rep. Office
Chief Representative

Thuan Pham Sy Than

Vietnam Rep. Office

Thuan Pham Van

Vietnam Rep. Office