Our Brands

Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee providing a third of the global supply, and is the leading producer of Arabica.

Mainly located in the southeastern states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná, each of the many production zones provides its own type of coffee, characterized by its own cup profile and roasting performance.

We focus constantly on the research of the best coffee, the one our customers are seeking to typify their blends the way they desire: our prerogative is to identify and supply it.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the countless varieties of Brazilian coffee available, we can select the best qualities in origin to create our own blends, identified on the world market by the brands AURUM and AURUM PLUS.

Our trademarks AURUM and AURUM PLUS have gained great popularity in the world market over the years, and today they are recognized worldwide as a benchmark for the quality of Brazilian coffee.